What it does:
  • Control iTunes remotely via your home network, namely a web browser
  • Simple to install, no additional software required, small foot print
  • Change the current play list or volume
  • Stop, Pause, Play, Previous Track and Next Track
  • Server runs on configurable port, default 4444, set the environment variable RTUNES_PORT to change it
  • Displays: Track, Artist and Album
  • The web page can be customized, index*.cheetah in htdocs directory
  • Windows or Mac OS X, iTunes version 7.x
  • Comes with two web pages one for psp (and non AJAX browsers) and one for AJAX supported browsers
  • Default web page can be selected by setting the environment variable RTUNES_INDEX
  • Uses AJAX to eliminate page reloads and keep the URL nice and clean
  • Album Artwork is now displayed if available in iTunes
  • Simple remote control executable for RF remote controls like ATI-RemoteWonder
  • A new iPhone index
What people are saying about rTunes
  • Makysh: mmm...it works! Thank you Tim
  • Matt: It does exactly what I want, simple, no install bullshit, it works. Thanks!
  • Mike: Thanks for the very cool iTunes player. It was pretty much what I was looking for.
  • Cory: I love the idea that you have come up with, it is something i have been looking for about two years and i would like to add my support to you creating a mac version of rtunes
  • Nicole: Please, please, please make one of these for macs!!
The Goods:
  • blog
Screen Shot:
  • Change the speaker selection for your AirPort Express, I haven't figured this out yet, email me if you know how to do this please, although it looks impossible at this time.
Credits: We stand on the shoulders of those who coded before us.